Eleriah (eleriah) wrote,



I nod too. I order: “Fresh-baked sunflower wheat bread with smoked gouda, medium cheddar, swiss, romaine lettuce, mixed fractal greens, thinly sliced black olives, cucumber, green red and yellow bell peppers, avocado slices, whipped cream cheese, spicy hummus, flavored oils, alfalfa sprouts, and fresh ground black pepper, cut diagonally, no pickle tomato onion relish mustard ketchup or banana peppers. A pot of jasmine pearl tea. Hot thin french fries with fresh-ground salt. For dessert, a small pewter dish of unusual sorbet.” I finish ordering.

The waiter disappears into the restaurant. Didn't write anything down – better not screw it up.

I wait, and watch people and things. They watch me, or not.

My tea appears. The waiter baps my hand when i try to pour some, so i let it steep. Waiting-food appears: a basket of corn chips and dish of salsa, corn bread and butter in a cast-iron pan, fresh-baked frozen dough rolls, a bowl of salad. I nibble some briefly, but don't want to ruin my appetite.

The waiter fusses with the tea, and then pours some. I sip. Too much waiting-food.
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